Welcome from the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5E proudly serves the communities of Bates, Bloomingdale, Eckington, Edgewood, Hanover, Stronghold, and Truxton Circle.

Getting on ANC5E's agenda: 

First, if this is a proposal for approval from the Zoning Commission, the Board of Zoning Commission, the Historic Perservation Office, or the Department of Transportation, etc., ANC5E ask that you contact the president/chair of the Civic Association to be placed on its monthly agenda to present your proposal to the community.

Secondly, after you have shared your proposal to with the civic association community, then you may request to be placed on ANC5E's agenda by the appropriate commissioner or the chair.

Please note that prior to being placed on the ANC5E's agenda, you must have presented your Zoning Commission (ZC) and Board of Zoning Commission (BZA) proposals to the appropriate civic association.

Also, if you are requesting a hearing for ZC or BZA proposal, please ensure that you have discussed and/or received written support letters/petitions from the surrounding neighbors which includes both sides, front and back of your home (which consist of at least 200 feet surrounding your home). This may help your proposal to move smoothly with the ANC5E.